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There’s just no reason in this day and age, in a country with this much wealth, that anyone should ever go hungry. Government can’t solve every problem but it can make sure that food gets from point A to point B so people can eat. That’s why we fund and run campaigns in states around the U.S. to expand programs like school breakfast. By combining politics and philanthropy (a model we borrowed from the great Mike Bloomberg), we’ve been able to help pass legislation in Illinois, Washington State, Pennsylvania and North Carolina (the state expanded access to food stamps).

We’re on track this year in New York, New Jersey and hopefully Tennessee. We’re working with great organizations like Share Our Strength across the country and we’re hoping to make programs like school breakfast available to every kid in every state over the next few years.

2019 Grant Application

Our 2018 Anti-Hunger Legislative Update.


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This [Breakfast After the Bell] bill is an example of what can be accomplished when both sides get together to focus on ensuring children are adequately fed so they can learn. This legislation would not have happened but for the hard work of a broad coalition of supporters like Tusk Philanthropies, United Way and The Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition.
— Rep. Monica Stonier, Washington House of Reps

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Our Anti-Hunger RFP program is designed for organizations that are smart, aggressive and want to produce political and policy change to reduce food insecurity.  We will be seeking applicants this summer who have a realistic opportunity to change a law or regulation in the next year at the state or local level that would significantly reduce hunger in their community. 

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