2019 Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in Tusk Philanthropies’ grant program.

Tusk Philanthropies is a non-profit dedicated to reducing hunger in the United States by running campaigns in cities and states to increase government support for food stamps, school breakfasts and other programs dedicated to ensuring that those who need food get food.  Like our sister companies Tusk Strategies and Tusk Ventures, Tusk Philanthropies focuses on achieving its goals primarily through effecting regulatory or legislative change.  Tusk Philanthropies is young, but has already initiated several hunger-related projects that have unlocked value in multiple states.

The goal of this grant application is to identify organizations that that are smart, aggressive and want to produce political and policy change to reduce food insecurity. We are seeking applicants who believe they have a realistic opportunity to change a law or regulation in the next year at the state or local level that would significantly reduce hunger in their community. 

We envision our work with grantees as a partnership. You have the experience and skills necessary to end food insecurity in your community—and you know the regulatory roadblocks that make it hard to meet that goal.  Tusk Philanthropies will provide grantees with the resources to pursue campaigns to enact new legislation or regulations that overcome those roadblocks and allow you to do your job more effectively. 

Tusk Philanthropies will provide grantees with in-kind public affairs services, grassroots advocacy strategies, and media and research assistance that we collectively believe will help achieve the policy changes you identify.  Tusk Philanthropies may also leverage its existing relationships with national anti-hunger partner organizations, where necessary, to provide technical assistance, messaging, grasstops engagement, and other relevant support to the grantee.  In addition to in-kind support, Tusk Philanthropies anticipates providing a one-time capacity grant (of up to $30,000) to support the grantee’s staff time devoted to the initiative.

Deadline: November 15, 2018 at 7:00pm EST.

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